“Having working with various paid and free electronic health record services over at various institutions, I've cam across Kareo while researching for my presentation on mobile technology, cloud computer and medicine at a national medical conference. The features, intuitive interface, ease of use and HTML5 programming which allows cross-platform interface and real-time update speed was remarkable. I've seen institutions spent millions of dollars on electronic health record/ambulatory medical record systems, such as Cerner, EPIC, Meditech, Nexus, EPowerDoc, Allscripts, AthenaHealth, Quest360, AmazingCharts, CPSI, for the physicians offices. However, the amount of time it takes to get the staffs trained, monthly subscription fees, lag time for the providers due to complexity of the systems, constant system crashes, and the need to do extensive programming for these paid systems make me wonder why nobody has come up with a free EHR/AMR system that has all the features needed for physicians and midlevel providers without all the hassles. Most EHR/AMR systems are user friendly for the billers, clerical staffs, but not intuitive or user friendly for the clinic staffs and providers. This is not the case with Kareo. Kareo is extremely easy to navigate for any physicians, midlevel providers, and clinic staffs. They can get the system running with little or no training because the interface is extremely intuitive, simple, with built-in and customizable templates that allow you and your staffs to complete the intakes, history, physical and charting in minutes. The system has all the features that meets Stage I and II CMS meaningful use that allows your practice to obtain the EHR bonus with ease. Most of all, it is built for mobile and desktop platform. My staffs and I can access Kareo EHR system with my mobile phone, PDAs, iPads, Google-based pads with ease. The integrated billing features, electronic prescriptions features along with integrations with various laboratory and diagnostic test centers make Kareo a complete EHR solution for small to mid-size practice. It is not easy to impress me having built the entire IT infrastructure myself for my own practice and for several medical practices around the country. Kareo's cloud based EHR system makes it easy for migration, conversion and implementation, without having to upgrade to expensive server systems. Any office with a desktop and mobile device can get the system up and running within hours, not days or weeks or months. I am impress and amaze with all the features within Kareo. I would recommend any office looking to migrate, convert their existing costly EHR or plan to migrate from paper charts to EHR to consider Kareo.”

Lee Peter Bee, Provider
Southern Illinois Medical Specialists, LLC

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