“I have been a podiatrist for over 20 years. When I first started in practice, we wrote our notes out and did paper billing. The first change in my practice was transitioning to the practice management side of things via electronic billing. I first used a billing service and they signed me up with Kareo. After a year, I decided to do my own billing and with the all the Kareo tutorials, they made doing my own billing easy. My front office person was hesitant in trying to learn how to do the billing since she had never done billing before. But she quickly learned from scratch how to do this and she was impressed how easy it was. The next transition was electronic health records. I was initially using another EHR company but when Kareo came out with their own free EHR, I switched to theirs. Having both the practice management and EHR under one company is very easy and flows together well. Kareo has numerous online videos and tutorials that answer your questions. I found when I couldn't find the answers, contacting Kareo was easy and they had a person that walked me through the steps. I have an IPad and Kareo makes it easy to do my notes on this right in the patients room. I also was able to attest in 2013 for the Medicare EHR incentive program and Kareo's tutorials made this easy as well. Kareo is a very affordable practice management system and with their EHR being free, it doesnt get any better. I would highly recommend using Kareo in your practice for practice management and/or EHR. ”

Lorri Riley, Owner
Lorri A Riley, DPM PC

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