Harness The Power of Link Building to Improve Your Google Ranking — Part 2

In part 1 of this series on link building we discussed how to check Google's ranking factors for your website and we talked about how to create an effective link-building strategy. In part 2 we will review different types of links to consider and the importance of perseverance when executing your website's search optimization plan.


Impulse links are found when you tweet or share a link via Twitter, Google + or Facebook. The link is going to appear instantly in your followers’ feed. Social links can curate a rush of traffic that could happen within moments. These are great if you have a great following on social media.

Check out how a Twitter reputation algorithm needs to work for more information on the effectiveness of these types of links. 

Curated links are found when someone links to a page on your website from a page on their website for the first time. This is a brand new link just as impulse links are new (readers can view it, hopefully people are clicking on it).

However, search engines do not know this link exists. Contrary to popular belief, Google doesn’t instantly know when new links pop into existence, and new links don’t immediately affect a search ranking.

Search engines are clueless to new links until one of their crawlers visit the page and link. (Google uses a software called “web crawlers” to discover publicly available webpages; crawlers view webpages and follow links to said pages, traveling from link to link and bringing data about the webpages to Google’s servers). 

If a webpage is rarely updated, it will probably be a while until Google crawls it. A new link will have no search value until bots come back and find it. Website pages need to be frequently updated to raise the chance of being crawled by Google. Do not let your webpages lay dormant. Operating a webpage effectively means you need to be vigilant in updating it and curating solid links while continuously improving upon this process.


It could take anywhere from 1 to 4 months to find a link building agency or about 1 month to hire an in-house link builder. You also need to come up with your link building strategies, which can take up to a month. It’s going to take an additional 1 to 3 months to research your targeted sites in addition to curating the content for your links. Execution of the plan can also take up to a month, and of course, once you have executed the campaign you will need to wait several weeks until the links begin taking effect.

Search Engine Optimization takes time. You are investing in the website to bring in more traffic, which means more clients through the doors. Considering how important having an effective online presence is, the investment is well worth the time and effort to help expand your medical practice.

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