Must Haves For Your Practice Website: Part 2


In the last post we covered a few must haves for your practice website, including your biography as well as reviews & testimonials. In this post we'll go into even more detail about what your website must have so that your practice can thrive. So let's get started.


Your website should make it convenient and simple for patients to schedule and prepare for their appointment. They should also be able to fill out necessary forms prior to their appointment. And, you should be direct about anything else you need from them before they step foot in your office (e.g. insurance coverage, billing, etc.). Ideally, patients will also be able to contact your clinic easily and quickly from your website if something about the on-boarding process isn't clear. Having this information on your website will have many benefits that make planning and communicating very convenient.


Your patients are going to be interested in the services your clinic provides. Detailed information on insurance, procedures, and other services should be included. Patients want to know what treatment options are available for the possible conditions they may have.

Be as detailed as possible when explaining the different options for treatment. This will show expertise and can assist in future patients choosing your clinic over a different provider. Be sure to include straightforward information about insurance coverage for different procedures as well. Most patients will have many questions in this area, and it is helpful for everyone involved if you can answer some of these important questions directly on the clinic’s website.

By now it should be crystal clear to your clientele what you offer as a business in terms of services and procedures. And, if you show patients how they can schedule an appointment with you and what they need to do prior to your appointment, their on-boarding process will be much easier. Having a website with this information will show your patients where you shine in terms of your skills and it will also provide an inviting presence because they will know you are very well organized and will know what to expect when they see you. It should also make things easier on your staff having patients educated and prepared prior to their vist.

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