Success Story: Growing Their Business with Kareo

National Billing uses a collaborative business model for managing medical practices. They become literal business partners with clients, charging a flat percentage of income rather than hourly or per-claim fees. The model clearly works. As a result, the company has been doubling every year, and now serves over 100 practices in 30 states – every one of them on Kareo.

Challenge: Picking the Right Software
“I know that computerization is the key to physicians’ profitability, and therefore to our own,” says Michael Evans, MBA, founder of National Billing. “So, we have always insisted that our clients use practice management and billing software.” This became a problem when he chose a large online software provider. “The service was so bad and unreliable that we lost every single client. We were on the verge of going under.

Luckily, we discovered Kareo, and now use it exclusively across our company. We would definitely not be in business today – nor be this successful -- without Kareo.”

Solutions: Win/Win with Kareo
When a medical practice contracts with National Billing, they automatically receive the full Kareo suite. “We give them the entire package, all the bells and whistles including EMR and client engagement functionalities, as part of our service. Then we provide hands-on support and customization to encourage clients to take maximum advantage of the software. The more Kareo options I can convince clients to use, the better it is for all of us.”

National Billing gives new clients a Kareo cheat sheet, with screenshots and guides for how to enter diagnosis codes. Their rep walks them through basic charting. They’re also shown how to enter procedure codes and submit information to National Billing for daily processing. In addition, National Billing team members help clients develop test shortcuts and customized notes templates. They also install macros to help streamline coding. “When we can give them one code to replace 10 CPT codes, it’s a win for everyone,” says Evans.

Solutions: Back to School with Kareo U
All new clients – and internal employees – are urged to take Kareo University’s interactive training. In addition to the courses, they continue their learning with a live Customer Success Coach. If users have issues, Evans sends them directly to Kareo’s robust support team to work with the client. “We’re not trainers. That is why we take advantage of the excellent learning opportunities that come with Kareo,” he explains.

“A live person answers every phone call in three rings or less, and we don’t do voicemail. Every client gets one contact person, plus me, of course, so that they feel secure and well taken care of. It’s all about creating and maintaining relationships.

Partnerships, he continued, are key to everything. We like to tell clients that we work with them, not for them. We’re partners in the truest sense of the word – both with our clients, and with Kareo. Many of our clients have been with us since we started. And we have been with Kareo pretty much since they started. National Billing is living proof that strong relationships like these lead to long-term success.”

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