Which Cities Use Review Sites to Find a Dentist?

We've commented in posts on this blog before about the growing number of patients searching for reviews on dentists.  There's no denying that the burgeoning space of online reviews is growing larger by the day.  Thanks to the immense amount of statistical information available from Google, we noticed another interesting trend this week with regards to where, geographically, this growth is most evident.


For anyone located in the San Francisco Bay Area, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that patients in the Bay Area turn to online review sites to research dentists more than any other part of the nation.   Being the tech-hub of America, it makes sense that 3 of the top 5 metro areas are located in this region.  What's interesting is that 7 of the top 10 metro areas are on the West Coast and, with the exception of Seattle, 6 of the top 10 are here in California.

While we're not sure that this 'officially' makes California the trendsetter for the future of how patients find dentists, we are certain that dentists in California are on the forefront of dealing with online reviews.  So, if you're practicing dentistry in California, there's a golden opportunity for you to get into this movement in the early stages and use it to your advantage.  And, if you're located further east, you can jump in before the wave even reaches you - giving you a distinct head start for your area.

There's undoubtedly plenty more to learn about how patients continue to use online reviews in their decision making process.  And, there will certainly be a few precedents set with regard to the best way for doctors to deal with these online reviews.  (Hint: Even if you get an unfavorable review, don't sue your own patients!)  But, the statistics don't lie.  Patients are turning online for dentist reviews in increasing numbers - especially here in California.  Seize the moment and use this trend to grow your practice.

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