Why You Should Use a Cadence for Appointment Scheduling Reminders

Appointments are one of the most important aspects of a medical practice because they are your client’s main resource for using your services. A disorderly appointment system can quickly lead to negative business results. This post will dive into the importance of a cadence scheduling system, which will ensure that your patient’s are not missing or forgetting their appointments.

It’s becoming increasingly more common to schedule various appointments online. It’s not difficult to accidentally double book or simply forget scheduled appointments throughout our busy schedules. This is a major consideration to take into account when patients are booking appointments at your clinic. You want to make sure they are being promptly reminded of their appointment to reduce no-shows. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them multiple reminders up until the day of their appointment.

Patients should be given time-slot options when scheduling an appointment. That way they can choose a time that best fits their personal schedule which will make it easier for them to show up. If they are making this appointment in person, give them a reminder card. If it was made online, they should immediately receive an email notification of the appointment.

If patients make appointments well in advance, they should receive email (or mail) reminders on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. As the date approaches, the patient should receive phone calls to confirm the scheduled time and date at least a day or two before the appointment.

Your practice needs to have a structured cadence to its appointment system as it will greatly reduce the likelihood of patient no-shows. Look for a cloud-based medical software platform focused on independent practices that can help your medical practice achieve a well-structured appointment and billing system, in addition to other services.

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