From Blogging to MIPS to Precision Medicine

We covered a variety of important and timely topics in the past month of #KareoChats (Thursdays at 10 a.m. Pacific). We had opportunities to discuss best blogging tips for small practices, MIPS, precision medicine and the state of data in healthcare. Here's a recap of the discussions and a selection of insightful comments.

On Blogging for Healthcare Practices: Is It Worth Your Time?

Host: Janet Kennedy @GetSocialHealth

Many know that blogging consistently can be a strong marketing strategy for any healthcare practice. But who has the time? If you're unfamiliar with blogging, where do you begin? That’s why we brought in healthcare marketing expert Janet Kennedy to host this #KareoChat on blogging for independent practices. See a couple of key learning moments below. One thing is for sure: All participants agreed that engaging your patients through a blog is a great way to keep them coming back!

Why should a practice blog? There seemed to be consensus among patients: 

What should practices blog about?

Who at your practice should be the one to blog. Turns out, there's no reason one person needs to carry the weight of creating all the blog posts:

Above all, remember: 

On the Data Divide: Analytics, Business Intelligence and Information Sharing

Host: Stephanie Crabb @stephaniecrabb

The importance of data-driven services and programs in healthcare has grown significantly in recent years. But as our host put it:

“In this race for data – to create/collect more of it, harness it, put it to work in productive ways – organizations are moving at very different speeds and are equipped in very different ways. Not all industry segments are benefiting from this data movement, leading to what some experts are calling a 'data divide.''

So what does it mean to be “data-driven”?

What contributes to our current data-divide (outside of interoperability, of course)?

 What could be done to create data equity?

How Do You Really Feel About MIPS?

Host: Physicians Practice @PhsyciansPract

MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) went into effect this year and is one of the main programs that will determine Medicare payment adjustments. What will the impact be on physicians, providers and patients? That’s what we wanted to talk about out during this #KareoChat!

Overally, familiarity with both MACRA and MIPS needs to improve in the medical community:

Kareo offers a suite of educational resources to get a handle on MIPS for independent practices -- check out the MACRA Quality Payment Program Resource Center.

Let's Talk About Precision Medicine

Host: Dr. Tom @DrTom_Kareo

Precision Medicine, sometimes called personalized medicine, is designed to tailor treatment to an individual’s specific needs and genetic makeup. This certainly sounds like a great thing! But is it? And how will it continue to shape healthcare moving forward?

We of course wanted to first hear how our attendees defined precision medicine:

What tech is available to shape the genome and treat risk?

What impact could precision medicine have on healthcare?

Which topic stood out to you the most? And which topics would you like us to add into the mix moving forward? Tweet us @GoKareo #KareoChat and join us every Thursday at 10 a.m. (Pacific time) for our weekly forum on healthcare, technology and practice management topics facing independent practices. 

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