Healthcare IT Project Success, Injecting Social Media into VBC and More: Your #KareoChat Recap

The past few weeks of #KareoChats (Thursdays at 10 a.m. Pacific) have presented us with opportunities to discuss a variety of topics geared towards improving patient engagement and workflow for small practices. We had opportunities to discuss the healthcare IT project success, billings and collections, collaboration with patients, health IT literacy and injecting social media into value-based care. Thank you to our hosts for moderating the insightful conversations. Check out the highlights below!

Healthcare IT Project Success—Why So Elusive?

Host: Joe Lavelle @Resultant

Is it possible to deliver a project on time and under budget, all while achieving project goals? During this #KareoChat we wanted to learn best practices from our attendees, as well as where they see room for improvement within their own organizations. Project failure certainly seems to be a trend in healthcare, but what's the cause? See what our participants think about all this:

Always remember: All on the team need to take accountability!


Billings and Collections for Small Practices

Host: Dr. Tom Giannulli  @DrTom_Kareo

Losing patient revenue is a fear of every small practice, which is what makes this such an important topic to discuss. What steps can practices take to prevent lost patient revenue, and what are some tips for approaching a patient for payment while maintaining a positive relationship? And of course, we wanted to know if our participants have landed on any successful processes, and the results those have generated.


How Is Your Medical Practice Collaborating With Patients?

Host: John Lynn @TechGuy

The patient-physician relationship, just like any relationship, is one that involves give and take. Especially now as tech becomes more prominent in patients' daily lives, the opportunity for collaboration has increased. In what areas is this collaboration most effective? What type of errors tend to pop up when there is a lack of communication, and from a patient’s perspective, what are your favorite ways for patient-physician collaboration?

When there’s a lack of communication, you can expect errors such as:

What’s the appropriate way to collaborate with your patients? Why not ask them?


Injecting Social Media into Value-Based Care

Host: Danielle Siarri @innonurse

What does "value-based care" mean to the professional practice? Can ePatients leverage social media to help ensure healthy results, and how can physicians meet them in the middle by improving their level of digital health in order to bring more value to care? Our host Danielle Siarri led our chat that sought to improve social media’s relationship with VBC!


Health IT Literacy for the Engaged Patient

Host: Melanie Hilliard @social_melanie

Health IT literacy is crucial for patient engagement and empowerment. Through user-friendly technology options and multimedia, we wanted to know where health IT-literate patients are finding trusted sources of information and who should be responsible for disseminating that information to the greater patient population. How could this type of information lead to better engagement, and how can it transform the patient/physician relationship?

How do our chat participants define Health IT literacy?

We wonder how many people share this concern:

In terms of things health IT literate patients should know:

Who is responsible for pushing out this educational info?

Now here’s an interesting paradigm shift!

Which topic stood out to you the most? And which topics would you like us to add into the mix moving forward? Tweet us @GoKareo #KareoChat and join us every Thursday at 10 a.m. (Pacific time) for our weekly forum on healthcare, technology and practice management topics facing independent practices.

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