Telemedicine, Patient Perspective and Practice Marketing: Your #KareoChat Recap

Our weekly #KareoChat has been focused on independent practices and patient engagement. Our topics have included practice marketing, improving healthcare from the patient’s perspective and telemedicine parity. Thank you to our hosts for moderating the insightful conversations. Check out the highlights below:

Practice Marketing in Modern Times – the Technology and Techniques

Host: Kat Quinn, MBA HIT @DPCNavigator

It’s no secret: marketing is a must for small practices! Far from being too “sales-y,” these days marketing is one of the best ways to develop a meaningful relationship with your patients. It is also a surefire way to educate your community not only about issues related to health, but about the value added services your practice offers. From creating fresh content to properly utilizing social media platforms, this #KareoChat saw host Kat Quinn and attendees offer her best practices!

Social media is certainly a focal point these days. What are the best ways to engage your private practice on social?

Can social media management platforms like Hootsuite boost your brand and followers?

What about the best ways to educate patients about prices and value-added services offered within a private practice?

After this #KareoChat, how can you not feel invigorated to get your practice “out there” and start engaging with and educating your community? Thanks, Kat, for your invaluable advice!

Using Research, Education and Advocacy to Improve Healthcare From a #PatientsPerspective

Host: CP Nerve Center @cpnervecenter  

How can we use research, education and advocacy to improve healthcare from a patients perspective? This is what we sought to learn from each other during this #KareoChat. Patients can have very different definitions of what healthcare “success” looks than their physicians. Understanding those differences and working to bridge the gap is important as you grow your practice, especially if your aim is to be a value-driven organization. Thanks to the ladies of CP Nerve Center for leading the way in this #KareoChat

What are some ways healthcare differs from the patient perspective vs. the physician or nurse perspective? 

How can we improve education opportunities to provide better outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, and insurance?

Thank you to the women of CP Nerve Center for leading this important chat! We hope both patients and physicians alike took to heart the opinions shared this morning.

Telemedicine Solutions: What we can learn from states with Parity

Host: Amelia Roberts @RN_Solutions

Should online and digital healthcare be treated the same as in-person healthcare? That’s what states with telehealth parity believe. What can the rest of the U.S. learn from those states that have activated telehealth parity, and how it’s impacting both physicians and patients. Telehealth expert Amelia Roberts led this intriguing #KareoChat!

What is telemedicine parity? 

What can we learn from those states that have telehealth parity?

Should this be the standard way of care?

But what are the implications for smaller practices who wish to stay competitive?

A great last tip from our incredible host:

Which topic stood out to you the most? And which topics would you like us to add into the mix moving forward? Tweet us @GoKareo #KareoChat and join us every Thursday at 9 a.m. (Pacific time) for our weekly forum on healthcare, technology and practice management topics facing independent practices. If you’re interested in hosting, we’d love to hear from you as well!

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