New Feature:
Automated Patient Billing

Kareo Patient Collect is an automated, consumer-centric, unified patient payments Solution. Leverage the latest technology for happier patients and greater, faster revenue.
Easy and Affordable

Activate patient payments in your Kareo account and start processing credit cards right away. Kareo Patient Collect has no set-up costs and a flat rate for in-person and online transactions.

Collect More, Faster

Save valuable time and deliver patient statements to the right place, at the right time with automated text, email, and mailed statements. Collect faster and reduce your A/R with digital payment options.

Increased Visibility

Review what communications were delivered, and when, with the delivery dashboard. Automate statement batches and process credit cards through Kareo to eliminate time wasted on follow-up calls.


Accept Multiple Payment Options

With Kareo Patient Collect, patients can pay bills online, in the office via our payment terminal, or by mail. Features like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay; card on file; and electronic credit card authorization make payment faster and more convenient for everyone.

Automate Patient Billing

Streamline your patient collections workflow by sending pre-programmed text, email, and mailed statements. Automated Patient Billing ensures you communicate in the right way at the right time.

Mail Intuitive Statements

Color-enhanced and easy-to-read mailed statements boost the chances that patients will take notice. Convenient QR codes enable patients to immediately pay their bill online.

Verify Status at a Glance

Confirm whether a text, email, or mailed statement has been delivered with the reporting dashboard. Got an error? Easily identify invalid email addresses and phone numbers for updating.

Flat Rate and No Long-Term Contracts

With a fixed transaction rate and no long-term contract, Kareo Patient Collect gives you predictability and flexibility where you need them most.

Offer a Great Patient Experience

Simple, convenient collections are part of building patient loyalty and retention. Receive higher reviews, save staff time, and bring in more revenue with Kareo Patient Collect.


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