ENGAGE Patient Intake Overview

Online Patient Intake ensures that you get the right information with less hassle. Explore the automated intake features that help integrate patient data seamlessly into your Kareo platform.

Patient Intake

With Kareo Patient Intake you can leave the clutter and confusion of paper forms behind. Delight your front office staff and patients by removing manual and redundant steps from your patient intake process.

Practice Efficiency From the Start
Set your practice up for success. Reduce errors from manual patient data entry, and increase automated front office workflows to get paid faster and improve patient satisfaction.

More Satisfied Patients
Easy to use, online patient intake helps reduce the stress of medical visits and improve the overall patient experience.

Faster Reimbursements With Less Effort
With accurate patient demographics and insurance information prior to the appointment, you can check eligibility and reduce claim rejections and denials that slow down reimbursements.

Kareo Patient Intake reduces errors caused by manual data entry and saves time for front office and billing staff through the seamless integration with the Kareo platform. Your patients will appreciate the improved practice workflow and skipping the frustration of filling out numerous forms in the waiting room before they can receive care.


Kareo’s online Patient Intake solution provides a simple and intuitive experience for entering demographics, basic insurance information, emergency contact(s), payment information, pharmacy and referral source.

Pre-Validate Insurance
With Patient Intake, your staff can pre-validate insurance and reduce denials by resolving issues before the patient visit.

Email Invitation for Patient Intake
Upon creating an appointment, your front office can send an email invitation for patients to complete intake forms prior to the visit. Staff can even send a test email invitation to themselves to understand what the patient experience will be like.

Flexibility With Forms and Documents
Your front office staff has the flexibility to select which sections of intake to include when sending requests to patients for intake information. Easily send only the sections that need updating or new forms without having to overwhelm patients with repeating the entire intake process. Additionally, you can easy print out demographic and insurance forms.

Easy Online Experience
When patients receive the email invitation, they get access to a responsive web form that works on laptops and mobile devices. Patients can fill out demographic and insurance information and electronically submit the information to your practice. Upon submission, patients will have access to download the additional intake forms.

Simple Integration Into the Patient Record in Kareo
Your front office staff is notified when intake forms are ready for review, and can easily integrate the patient data into their Kareo platform.

Reminders to Complete Patient Intake
Prior to the appointment, the front office can see whether intake has been completed and either resend the intake forms or print a set of the forms to hand to the patients in the office.

Digital Consent Form
Capture consent of the patient digitally with Kareo’s integrated patient intake offering. You can create your own custom forms to help enable a patient to make an informed, voluntary decision to move forward with their medical care. They can then be signed by the patient prior to medical treatment to confirm that he or she has understood and agreed to the terms of the medical practice. Examples include, but are not limited to: consent to treatment, office policies, HIPAA release, confidentiality agreement, etc.

Medical History
The Medical History feature within Kareo’s Patient Intake solution offers patients the opportunity to thoughtfully review their medical, surgical, family and social histories anywhere, anytime prior their visit, in addition to entering their hospitalizations, current medication and allergies.

HIPAA Compliant and Secure
Kareo engages external certifying bodies and independent auditors to ensure that the Kareo environment meets or exceeds applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. Learn more