The Care Delivery Workflow for the Independent Practice (Graphic)

The care delivery workflow of independent practices has become increasingly complex in today's technology-driven and regulatory-laden healthcare environment. When delivering care today, providers are required to consider much more than just the health of their patients. In this climate, provider burnout continues to be a problem, with 50% of providers reporting an increase of emotional exhaustion and decrease in fulfillment. 

To hear directly from providers about their challenges and priorities in enhancing care delivery, Kareo conducted a comprehensive survey, collecting results from 782 physician healthcare providers throughout the U.S. The results of the survey are available to you in the State of the Independent Practice Industry Report

The report analyzes sentiment around some of the key themes affecting care delivery in the independent practice. Results show nearly half of respondents completely agree with the idea that increasing demands on provider time are impacting care delivery, practitioners are striving to avoid burnout, and managing quality measures is cumbersome. A slightly smaller percentage feel that EHR data input detracts from the ability to deliver care. However, practices are prioritizing integrated technology as a way to alleviate demands on the practice’s most valuable resource – the provider's time.

Designing workflow operations to support this valuable asset is a critical step in creating a patient-centered practice that patients value. This approach will become even more important in the coming years as value-based modifiers, quality measures and other initiatives become permanent components of the reimbursement landscape.

This graphic shows an optimal care delivery workflow to help independent practices be successful. With the right approach and tools, independent practices can minimize the administrative hassles that distract providers from their most important job — patient care.

The Care Delivery Workflow for the Independent Practice

Download the entire State of the Independent Practice Industry Report to find this graphic and to learn more about what independent practices consider the main challenges and trends for optimizing care delivery today. 

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