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Make Every Moment Matter with HIPAA-Compliant Video Visits

Kareo Telehealth allows you to connect with patients anywhere, at anytime. It’s simple, secure and streamlined—and fully reimbursed by private payers.
With Kareo Telehealth, you can connect with patients anywhere at anytime. It’s simple, secure and streamlined—and fully reimbursed by private payers.
Kareo Telehealth

Adding a telehealth solution has never been easier.

With seamless integration to the Kareo EHR and practice management software, you can implement an efficient and effective telehealth solution today.

Why Use Kareo Telehealth?

Increase Staff Efficiency
Video visits are more efficient than inperson appointments. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time face to face with your patients.
Scheduling Flexibility
Video visits can happen anywhere, anytime. Offer extended hours or even weekend availability without incurring office and staff overhead.
Improved Patient Outcomes
Telehealth helps patients to comply with treatment plans, manage medications, and engage in lifestyle coaching, resulting in better health outcomes
Reduce Patient No-Shows
Transportation issues, time off from work, and child care are no longer an issue for patients seeking follow up appointments and convenient care.
More Satisfied Customers
Offer your patients the convenience and accessibility of telehealth. Our clients see 98% patient satisfaction on average for video visits.
Generate Incremental Revenue
Convert unpaid follow up phone calls or emails to fully reimbursable video telehealth visits.
Easy Scheduling
Seamlessly schedule telehealth appointments directly in your practice management system via easy and efficient “one-click” scheduling.
Streamlined Workflow
Maintain current office workflow for scheduling, charting, and billing. No additional staff work required, allowing you and your practice, to focus more on patient care.
No Activation or Onboarding Time
Get up and running, immediately. Just flip a switch within the Kareo platform! Get more time back in your day.
Helpful Patient Communications
From a scheduled appointment until the actual visit, we provide patients what they need to know, for a smooth experience with their video visit.
Online Appointment Requests
The integrated Kareo platform allows patients to request a video visit online and at their convenience, which notifies office staff.

What Physicians Say About Kareo Telehealth

“To schedule appointments, the therapist simply clicks on a sidebar in Kareo to activate video and proceeds just as if the patient were in the office. We can even chart for telehealth within the software. We have one patient who is a traveling nurse in a different state and can’t come in for appointments during office hours. She sets up a telehealth call on her lunch break and picks up her meds on the weekend.” Dr. Flake In Touch Psychological Services
“Kareo’s Telehealth service gives us very clear connections, for a superior client interaction. Our no-show rate has dropped dramatically, by about 35%. We attribute this to both the Kareo patient reminders, and to the flexibility and convenience of telehealth. We also appreciate that Kareo Telehealth gives us very clear connections, for a superior client interaction.” co-founder and CEO of Alli Center
“I have many patients dealing with various types of mental illnesses. This includes agoraphobia and paranoia, disorders that can often cause individuals to feel uncomfortable commuting to a doctor’s office, let alone sit in a waiting room. I found Kareo Telehealth to be a perfect solution to solve this prominent patient issue.” Dr. Huling Xu Wholehealth PLLC

Awards & accolades from industry analysts

Kareo is the #1 EMR/PM for practices with 1-10 providers Best in KLAS recognition further validates Kareo's ability to deliver on the needs of independent practices and their patients. Learn more
Kareo was awarded the 2020 best practices award by Frost and Sullivan Kareo was awarded the 2020 United States Ambulatory EHR Enabling Technology Leadership Award Learn more
Kareo Clinical is ONC Certified Enhanced EHR functionality makes it easier for independent practices to comply with MACRA and earn positive payment adjustments. Learn more

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