For Practice Managers

Manage everything from appointments to claims all in one place. It’s practice management made more manageable.

Simplify, streamline & succeed

You take care of everyone: patients, staff, doctors, and insurance companies. Kareo makes it all easier.

Schedule smart

Imagine a practice management solution that’s easy to use and makes everything from scheduling to claims to reporting simple and intuitive. This is it!

Designed for your doctors

Kareo Clinical, our full-featured EHR, was designed by a doctor for doctors. It seamlessly fits the way they work and effortlessly connects to your practice management and billing solutions to make everyone’s job easier.

Get paid faster

Simplify and streamline your whole practice, and speed up payments with faster billing cycles. Plus, you get a team of experts who are always here to help. Think of us as an extension of your staff.

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Ahead of the schedule

Manual appointment scheduling is time-consuming and stressful. Save time and keep everyone’s schedule full, with the easy-to-use, cloud-based scheduling in Kareo. It’s the best way to stay ahead of schedule, and grow your practice.

Patients, patients, patients

Maintaining good patient flow is essential. With Kareo, attracting more patients and keeping them on the schedule is easy. And more patients are better for business.

Automated efficiency

Save yourself time and headaches with automated appointment and follow-up reminders. It’s a great way to simplify, while keeping a full schedule. Yes, you can do it all.

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Deliver better patient care

Paperwork piles up, and outdated EHR’s are no help. Kareo Clinical, our EHR, is intuitive and easy to use. Get the smartest clinical tools plus cloud-based patient records and mobile-first design. Everything you need, connected and at your fingertips.

Kareo Clinical

Our full-featured EHR lets doctors practice the way they want. Plus, it works seamlessly with Kareo Billing to speed up claims and payments. So you can work smarter, not harder.

Mobilize your practice

When your doctors are more efficient, your practice runs smoother. Kareo’s mobile-first design allows doctors to work the way they want. They can chart, take notes, send prescriptions and more, right from any mobile device. And a happy doctor means a healthy practice.

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Power your Payments

Medicine today is complex. Kareo helps you simplify with Kareo Billing. This means no hassles, which means you get paid faster, with less work.

Everything in one place

Our easy-to-use, streamlined software lets you handle everything from claims to payments in a single, secure, cloud-based system you can access from anywhere.

Managed Billing

Finding the right partner that understands your practice, specialty and billing needs can be difficult. Kareo matches you with a trusted independent billing company that knows the industry and will optimize your reimbursements.

Resources for Practice Managers

Not sure which modules are right for your independent medical practice? We’re here to help. Check out these resources for more information, or call, email, or chat with a Solution Consultant today to learn more.

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

As leaders in clinical, financial, and practice growth technology, Kareo and PatientPop have joined forces as Tebra to support the connected practice of the future and modernize every step of the patient journey. Learn more