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Grow your practice and create a superior patient experience

Patients are the lifeblood of your practice. To thrive in today’s patient-centered market you need a holistic approach to how you deliver patient experience alongside patient care. Kareo Engage helps you create a superior end-to-end patient experience, getting found online, communicating with patients, to re-care reminders. The result is better care delivery, increased collections and happier, healthier patients.

Engage With Your Patients

Improved care and patient collections

The integrated patient communication capabilities of Kareo Engage helps you stay connected with your patients to optimize your care delivery and patient collections.

Practice growth

Build your brand online and connect with patients. We make it easy for patients to find you, choose you, promote you and keep coming back.

Patient communications

Close the communication gap with secure messaging, automated appointment reminders, online patient intake, re-care reminders, patient surveys and friendly online scheduling options.

Improve your billing and clinical workflows

When you integrate Kareo Engage with your Billing and Clinical workflows, you get the full benefit of end-to-end patient experience management. Your front office staff can stay on top of important patient communications, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Satisfied patients are more likely to leave positive reviews, refer friends and keep coming back.

Your billing department will benefit from the reduction in manual, error-prone data entry. Online patient intake, insurance capture and eligibility checks help to collect accurate and comprehensive patient data for future communications. This saves time for your staff and reduces patient payment confusion.

Key Features

Get Found Online and Grow Your Practice

It’s simple: if you don’t shine online, you won’t succeed in today's ever competitive market. Across the board, 77% of patients search online before making an appointment. Kareo Engage makes it easier for patients to find you online, and you'll show up higher in search results.

Online Directory Manager (ODM)

Improve your online presence with Kareo's ODM tool. Inconsistent business location information will cost you patients and impact the success of your practice. Now you can instantly sync your correct location data on dozens of healthcare sites, search engines, mobile apps, ad platforms and your own website.

Online Provider Profile

Get found online. Your online provider profile is the first thing potential patients look at when evaluating a physician, and Kareo makes sure you shine! You can easily customize page content and share positive reviews to increase search engine traffic to your site. And now patients can book appointments directly from your site, powered by Google.

Patient Reviews

A positive online reputation is essential for practice growth. Surveys show 84% of patients use online reviews to evaluate providers. With Kareo Engage, you can harness the power of positive reviews to boost your image online, and a handy auto-publishing option lets you spread the word through social media.

Practice Analytics

Kareo Engage provides a comprehensive view into your account, including referrals/reviews, an ROI calculator, appointment requests and future appointments. With our Practice Analytics Dashboard you can measure success and have that data at your fingertips.

Patient facing Features

Optimize Patient Experience and Improve Communications

Efficient and automated front office workflows get you paid faster and increase patient volume. Online scheduling, patient intake and automated appointment reminders can streamline your workflows and create a more satisfying patient experience.

Online Patient Scheduling

Transform your patient’s experience with online appointment scheduling and digital appointment confirmations. Patients can search by care provider and location within any specialty, saving your practice hours every day – time that is typically spent booking appointments manually over the phone.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Did you know that 90% of cell phone users ignore calls and rarely check voicemail? However, people respond to text messages in about 90 seconds and check email 34 times a day on average. What this means is that practices solely relying on phone calls are not reaching patients. Try Kareo’s text, email and phone reminders to ensure that patients show up for their appointments.

Online Patient Intake

Say goodbye to the clutter and confusion of paper forms. With online patient intake including demographics, patient insurance, medical history and digital consent forms, critical patient information and signatures are captured prior to the patient visit so you can reduce manual data entry errors and eliminate redundant steps from the patient intake process. Save time in collecting the accurate patient information you need to get paid. Your patients will thank you for a stress-free check in process.

Kareo Patient Kiosk

Kareo Patient Kiosk revolutionizes the in-office digital patient intake process by providing a modern, electronic experience that leaves antiquated, cumbersome efforts like manual data entry and time-consuming handwritten forms behind. Operating under both iOS and Android apps that were specifically developed for overburdened practice managers and their office staff, Kareo Kiosk is ideal for those wanting to eliminate the need for administrative data entry from paper intake forms, wasting precious appointment and care delivery time.

Additional Features

Patient Broadcasts

Let your patients know you’re running behind or that you’re thinking of them. For example, Kareo’s automated birthday feature is a good way to engage with patients on a yearly basis. Birthday emails have been shown to drive more visits to a practice and increase patient satisfaction.

Direct SMS Messaging

According to surveys, 62% of patients want to be able to directly communicate with their doctors. Text messages can be sent directly from Kareo's Message Center to any patient with a mobile number. This lets your staff communicate easier with patients regarding upcoming appointments, office announcements and care reminders. Best of all, patients can text right back!

Patient Surveys

Two out three patients feel it’s important for their provider to follow up after a visit. Kareo’s patient surveys provide an automated and customizable method to fill this important patient need and improve satisfaction. Satisfied patients rate their providers significantly higher. Kareo can help you set up your follow-up surveys as an essential part of the stability and growth of your practice.

Ready to streamline your patient engagement management?

Rank higher in search results with an optimized online profile

Make it easy for patients to find you, learn more about you, and easily schedule an appointment with you. With your claimed profile, you’ll be able to capture your own search engine traffic and move up in Google search rankings!


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Physician Provider


With Kareo Engage, you get automated marketing and front office tools to help you build your brand online and connect with patients.

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Non-Physician Provider (NPP)

PA, DC, NP, PT, OT, SLP, RN, others

As a non-physician, you enjoy the same access of a normal provider but receive a discounted subscription fee. With Kareo Engage, you get automated marketing and front office tools to help you build your brand online and connect with patients.

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Here to help you

Our mission is simple: to enable the success of your practice. From day one, we make it easy to get up and running with Kareo. Once onboarded, our support team is ready to make sure that your success continues. Free for Kareo customers.

  • Free Success Coach

    You’ll get a dedicated Success Coach – at no extra cost - which includes all the personal attention and support you need.

  • Help to move your files

    We’ll help you get your files from the cabinets and closets up to the cloud, so they can then be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

  • Support your way

    Get support any way you want. You can contact us via phone, email or chat. We’re here to help!


A Medical Billing Solution for Every Specialty

We’ve got you covered, from neurology to podiatry. We have the tools and resources you need to give your patients better care, and grow your practice.

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"We are receiving claims payments in as little as 5 days!"

"Kareo cut our billing costs in half, and Customer Support has been phenomenal"

– Dr. Natalie Hodge

"They had extensive support that worked around my schedule, and didn't interfere with my patient care."

– Dr. Michelle Cunningham


Awards & accolades from industry analysts

Kareo is the #1 EMR/PM for practices with 1-10 providers Best in KLAS recognition further validates Kareo's ability to deliver on the needs of independent practices and their patients. Learn more
Kareo was awarded the 2020 best practices award by Frost and Sullivan Kareo was awarded the 2020 United States Ambulatory EHR Enabling Technology Leadership Award Learn more
Kareo Clinical is ONC Certified Enhanced EHR functionality makes it easier for independent practices to comply with MACRA and earn positive payment adjustments. Learn more


Enabling the success of your practice

We believe in the power of your independent practice. That’s why we offer free resources to help you measure and manage your practice successfully. From white papers to webinars and more. You’ll find many great resources here for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the functions I get with Kareo Engage, what else is included?


With Kareo Engage, you’ll also get access to our complete platform and a number of additional functions. These include secure messaging, calendar and online scheduling, appointment reminders, registration, mobile and so much more.

How does Kareo Engage integrate with other modules in your platform?


In addition to the functions accessible through the Kareo platform, Kareo Engage fully integrates with additional Kareo modules, each designed uniquely for independent practices and developed to help you run a more successful practice. These include Kareo Clinical (EHR) and one of two billing modules including Kareo Billing (our do-it-yourself billing software) or Managed Billing (outsourcing your billing to billing experts). Also, Kareo Marketplace allows you to add customized clinical, financial and accounting functions through integrations with strategic partners. Welcome to the only complete platform. You’ll love your practice on Kareo!

How is Kareo Engage different than similar competitor products?


We offer free support, free onboarding, a clear and simple pricing model, free trials and free features to ensure a positive experience for our customers. We don’t ask you to sign a long-term contract because we want to earn your business on an ongoing basis. We also have one of the few open API programs in the industry, allowing other companies to integrate directly with Kareo, providing a more complete platform and increased benefits to our customers.

What does the Kareo provider profile include?


The Kareo provider profile helps you establish a strong online presence. The provider profile is the easiest way to improve your Google search results and will help funnel patients to your practice’s website. With our easy and simple sign up process, you can instantly customize your own directory listing on the web with a professional-looking directory listing and site, allowing you to be found by patients.

Why is it so important for Physicians to Shine Online?


If you don’t shine online, you won't succeed in today’s highly competitive market. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain a strong online presence. Did you know that 77% of patients search online before making a medical appointment with a medical provider? Patients these days are savvy consumers who know how to find the best patient options available to them. Many will read online reviews and social media before choosing a doctor.

Why is it so important for Physicians to "connect" with patients?


A patient who has a bad experience may not come back. How you connect, talk to and relate with your patients is very important. Using Kareo Engage will help to make their lives easier and will ensure they write positively about their experience.

What features does the Kareo provider profile include?


  • Get the look of a professional, modern-looking web presence
  • Easily update your name, location and office hours
  • Get found easily on all the top search engines
  • Allow patients to schedule an appointment online
  • Upload your registration forms for patients to access and complete
  • Link to the physician’s profile page from the physician’s own website or social media sites
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Kareo EHR Resources

Everything you need, all in one place

Our complete platform includes all the functions and features to help you run a successful practice and deliver outstanding patient care.


Kareo Clinical delivers the EHR you always wanted. You’ll find everything you need to create notes, access critical information and navigate through your day with a new sense of speed and purpose.

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With Kareo Engage, you get automated marketing and front office tools to help you build your brand online and connect with patients. We make it easy for patients to find you, choose you, promote you and keep coming back.

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With Kareo Billing, there’s no better software to support your in-house billing process. Our web and mobile applications help your practice easily manage patients and the complications that come with billing insurance.

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Managed Billing allows you to focus on running a successful practice, including patient care. You collect faster payments with better insights, with medical billing experts you can trust.

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