Delivering Actionable Information to Clinicians on the Front Lines: #KareoChat Recap

Healthcare analytics, clinical decision support, machine learning and AI are all hot issues in healthcare right now. At the end of the day, the analytics used in reports clinicians use must be useful and provide solid data that helps them treat their patients.

In a recent #KareoChat (first and third Thursdays at 9 a.m. Pacific) Don Lee @dflee30, President of Glide Health, and host of #TheHCBiz Show!, hosted a lively discussion about using analytics to deliver useful reports to clinicians and practice managers who are on the front lines treating patients.

Let’s dive into the discussion.

Topic 1: How Do Clinicians Feel About the Tools HIT Is Giving Them?

It is important to gauge how clinicians feel about the tools provided by Health IT. As the chatters point out, HIT is still relatively young and is still finding its place in the healthcare world. It seems most clinicians appreciate tools that disseminate large amounts of data and give them easy to use information at the point of care.

Topic 2: What Are Some Examples of Reports or Data That Don’t Deliver Enough Value to Drive Adoption?

Health IT aims to bring useful data to the hands of those who need it to treat patients well. However, even with best intentions, this does not always happen. Let’s explore some examples of data clinicians are not finding helpful.

Topic 3: What Type of Analytics Do Clinicians Need and Want? 

As with any technology, it needs to serve those who actually use it day to day. This question was great to gather feedback about what clinicians are asking for to help them treat their patients.

Topic 4: What Are Some Examples of Successful Healthcare Analytics Being Delivered at the Point of Care?

It's good to gather feedback for every angle of technology. Here’s what the chatters had to say about what to keep doing.

Topic 5: How Can Practice Managers, HIT Vendors and Health Plans/Gov’t Work Better With Front Line Clinicians?

Feedback is great, but you must take action with the information you receive. This question let chatters dig deep and give suggestions on actionable steps practice managers, HIT vendors and others can improve using the feedback they get.  

Bonus Question: What Are the Telltale Signs That an Analytics Project Is not on the Right Track?

This question let participants point out ways you know an analytics project has gone off track. 

Healthcare analytics provide helpful information for clinicians and improvements are being made each day. This chat provided great ideas on how to continue to improve the information frontline clinicians receive to better treat the patients they see every day.

And as always, join us every first and third Thursday at 9 a.m.Pacific time @GoKareo #KareoChat to talk about critical topics facing independent practices and the patients they serve.

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