Medical Billing Company Panel Interview: What's Driving Your Success? (Video)

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear from a panel of our most successful medical billing companies at the 2018 Kareo Success Summit. Dan Rodrigues, founder and CEO of Kareo, led an illuminating discussion about strategies and solutions to earn more business, increase revenue and improve operations and efficiency. Here's our panel: 

Rhonda Shumway, COO
ML Medical Billing Company
Chicago, IL

"We find trust is the most important piece in our business, which is a family owned business for 30 years ... when they understand that we understand their business from the boots up I think that's a huge component to building trust." 

Dawn Lawler, Owner
ABS Business Solutions
Cape Cod, MA

"[Credentialing] is a piece of my growth strategy. ... We constantly have people coming in [through credentialing], and it keeps us growing slow and steady ... if you would call five clients a week slow and steady." 

Rick Kaufman, CEO
Billing Advantage Inc
Boston, MA

"The biggest thing that helps us with patient collections is working with the practice and their front office, how they're managing it when people come in. One change we made with one of our large customers—their patient collections were terrible—we actually worked with them so that in order to get to the waiting room, you now had to walk through the business office. And just that one change made a huge difference." 

Paul Ordonez, CEO
Elite Medical Revenue Solutions
Selden, NY

"I find it very successful when I pitch Kareo. I increase my rate of closing billing services. All my practices had different EHRs as of the beginning of this year and they all switched to Kareo as of right now, including neurologists." 

Watch the video:


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