Must Have's for Your Practice Website: Part 1


The website for your medical practice needs to have a solid foundation of key components that will draw new customers through the doors and maintain current patient relationships. This post will focus on some must haves of your medical practice website. If you don't have a practice website, use these tips to guide your content creation. If your practice does not have a website, make sure it has these things on it!


A strong clinic bio is an essential component to any medical practice website. Patients should already begin to feel comfortable with the clinic before walking through the doors for their first appointment. Potential patients are going to want to know what accolades your clinic is accredited with. Including your accomplishments, credentials, and experience on your website is an important way to establish your credibility while showing that you are committed to providing the best care possible for your patients. 

An ‘about the doctor/clinic’ is another important piece to include. It never hurts to give patients an understanding of the doctor, their experience, and so forth. If there are multiple physicians, avoid cramming individual bits of information into one paragraph. Try to paint a picture of the group as a whole, and if you want to highlight each individual doctor, include a link or button that will take the user to a separate page that provides information about each person.


Reviews are incredibly important for your clinic’s online presence and must be included on your website. The bio can list the strongest attributes of your clinic, but testimonials from previous patient experiences can really drive the point home. Future visitors want to feel as confident in their decision as possible, and reading the experiences of others can help guide the decisions of potential patients. A solid testimonial page will include the patients full name, a picture, and whatever result was produced. Video testimonials are also very effective and helpful.

You should also include your Google+ reviews and a call to action asking for your patients to leave feedback from their experiences. Potential customers will often turn to Google when looking for a new clinic in their area. Google is usually the first point of contact between the business and customer. Having a solid Google+ verified account is an important aspect to your online presence, and should be included directly on your website.

Your patients want to feel a personal connection prior to their first appointment, and having confidence in their decisions regarding your clinic can help achieve that connection. Including these important features on your website is the first step towards harboring beneficial relationships between the clinic, doctors, and patients.

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