Navigating Care Outside of the Practice: #KareoChat Recap

Changing prescriptions, additional tests, exam results and new therapies are just a few examples of information patients may receive at an office visit. Although patients may feel confident with the new or changed plan of care at the time of the visit, it’s comforting knowing support is available once they leave the office.

In a recent #KareoChat (first and third Thursdays at 9 a.m. PST/ 12 p.m. EST), participants came together to discuss what healthcare professionals can do to ensure patients and their families feel supported outside the practice visit.

Carol Bush (@TheSocialNurse), an oncology nurse and co-founder of The Healthcare Marketing Network hosted this lively chat.

Let’s dive into the discussion.

Topic 1: What Should Practices Be Equipping Patients and Families With In Order to Link Them to Needed Follow-Up Services & Information?

Patients receive a lot of information at an office visit. Though patients may have a firm grasp on instructions at the visit, knowing there is a way to get in touch if additional support is needed  helps patients feel more confident in their care. 

Topic 2: How Can We Use Our Patient Portals to Inform & Educate About the Plan of Care?

Patient portals can be very powerful education tools for patients. Here are some ideas on how to utilize patient portals to their fullest. 

Topic 3: How Can Clinical Teams Use Health IT to Help Patients Be Prepared?

The goal of Health IT improvements is always to help patients. Here are some ideas from participants.

Topic 4: How Can This Help Us Think About Introducing Care Navigator Services to Patients?

Some nice tips were shared here.

Topic 5: What Are Some Innovative or Effective Care Management Strategies You and Your Team Have Employed in Your Practice?

Here’s a great example of healthcare collaboration.

The participants shared great ideas for helping patients and their families navigate the healthcare system once they leave the medical office!

As always, join us every first and third Thursday at 9 a.m. Pacific time @GoKareo #KareoChat to talk about critical topics facing independent practices and the patients they serve.

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