New Kareo Enhancements Will Help Make Managing Your Practice Easier

From increased patient collection options to a more robust clinical dashboard and tighter cyber security, Kareo enhancements make practice management easier than ever.

For our follow up article on what’s new at Kareo, here is what you need to know:

Kareo Collect: Cash Flow Benefits

With so many patients moving to high-deductible insurance, collections have become a bigger problem more than ever. But who has time to chase down all those outstanding invoices?

Kareo listened to providers and introduced Kareo Collect. This product offers:
  • Automated text, email and snail-mail statements and reminders.
  • The ability to consolidate actions, so invoices are less overwhelming.
  • A new feature to store credit card information if patients want, simplifying payments for future visits.
  • Card-on-file authorization that can be set up electronically during the intake process for providers with Kareo Engage.

See 5 ways Kareo has evolved to help customers navigate recent healthcare industry challenges - download our infographic here. 


Outsmarting the Hackers

Ransomware attacks. Undetected gaps in cyberthreat protection. Weak system entry points. And out-of-date software. With these issues becoming commonplace, it’s no wonder that medical practices are such frequent targets for cyberthreats and data breaches. Here are the important actions Kareo takes to keep your patient data safe:
  • Continuously updating cybersecurity features, with best-in-class controls to protect both practices and their patients.
  • Having advanced HIPAA compliance to protect health information.
  • Working closely with American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) to provide secure credit card payments.

“Kareo now displays the HiTrust logo, industry-standard certification demonstrating that Kareo is taking the strictest security and privacy precautions with high-risk data. This gives practices and patients peace of mind, knowing that medical data and credit card information is secure,” says Megan Jernigan, Kareo’s enterprise training consultant.

Making the Most of MIPS

When Medicare introduced its Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the goal was to reward physicians for quality service. But the move also added a new level of administrative headaches for providers.

“We came to the rescue by adding Clinical Quality Dashboards to Kareo Clinical. These make it easy to track the criteria that earn you MIPS points, without additional data entry,” Jernigan continues. “The dashboards also automate documentation, prescriptions, and follow-up reminders, so you improve efficiencies at the same time you’re earning incentives.”

Kareo also implemented group reporting for MIPS. “Previously, reports were run only at the individual provider level. Since CMS now allows practices to submit as a group, we upgraded our functionality accordingly.” explains Jernigan.

Kareo will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, October 20 at 10 am PST to discuss how you can earn money through MACRA. Reserve your seat here.


Customized Treatment Plans

Lastly, did you know a patient’s treatment plan can be tailored in Kareo to their exact needs? That means no more cookie-cutter programs. You can view treatment plans in progress right inside the clinical notes and share them with your patient to keep them engaged. This makes it easy to monitor patient progress, and you can tweak the plan whenever needed. It’s all part of the individualized attention your patients expect, and that Kareo helps you deliver.

“Kareo is always coming up with great new ideas to transform manual processes with technology at every touch point, with the goal of making practices more patient-centric,” says Jernigan. “Everything works together in Kareo to improve the patient experience. That translates into happier and healthier patients. Plus, a better bottom line for providers.”

Kareo is committed to helping its customers become winners in delivering quality care to patients while running an efficient and successful practice.

To see a snapshot at 5 ways Kareo has evolved to meet some of the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges the past five years, download our How to Win the Healthcare Game infographic here.

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