Success Story: Wholehealth PLLC, Promoting Patient Satisfaction With Telehealth

 Wholehealth PLLC opened its doors to the public in July 2015 in Houston, Texas, where Dr. Huiping Xu was looking to offer services to treat a variety of mental illnesses. With a background as an assistant professor at a private university, Dr. Xu decided to open her own behavioral health practice for more flexibility and increased revenue. 

Dr. Xu has an educational background in both western and eastern medicine, and takes a unique approach to address underlying psychological conflict, life stress and coping skills. Some conditions she addresses include major depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorder. Her patient base includes mostly young adults, but she also has patients who are over 70. 

When looking for a telehealth solution, she came across Kareo Telehealth— a product integrated with the EHR she was already using.

When addressing what challenge she was looking to overcome with a telehealth solution, Dr. Xu says, “The challenge wasn’t so much from my side as it was from the patient’s side.” Due to the specialty of her practice, she has many patients dealing with various types of mental illnesses. This includes agoraphobia and paranoia, disorders that can often cause individuals to feel uncomfortable commuting to a doctor’s office, let alone sit in a waiting room. Dr. Xu found telehealth as a perfect solution to solve this prominent patient issue. 

Wholehealth also has a subset of clients who have a difficult time finding childcare or who travel often for business and are unable to make it into the office for appointments. The addition of telehealth in her practice has produced the added convenience for patients to conduct appointments from the comfort of their own home or even on the road while traveling. “Telehealth is a perfect solution for these types of people. People go out of town for business reasons, so it’s working well for that population,” explains Dr. Xu.

Read more about how Dr. Xu met a growing patient care need at her mental health practice by implementing a telehealth program and offering her patients the convenience and comfort of video visits. 

whole health-telemedicine-success-story

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