Top Getting Paid Blog Posts from 2015

As 2015 comes to end it is time for my favorite blog post of the year where I go back and find the best and most interesting posts of the last year to share again. It's no surprise that ICD-10 played a big role in 2015, but there were great posts about improving patient collections, the future of alternate practice models, and much more. Now is your chance to read them if you missed them during the course of the year.

Here is a baker's dozen of the best Getting Paid posts from 2015! Tweet this Kareo story

  1. Top 5 TweetChats for Independent Practices: Looking for a way to get more involved in social media AND learn about trends and happenings in healthcare? Participating in healthcare tweet chats is a great way to do both. The following are Kareo’s recommendations for the top 5 healthcare tweet chats for independent practice providers and staff.
  2. Preparing for Value-Based Payment:  Healthcare is a dynamic industry, and physician practices must be able to adapt constantly by revising processes, enhancing documentation, implementing technology, and more. One of the most significant changes on the horizon is the transition from a traditional fee-for-service model of care that emphasizes volume of services provided to a model in which the quality of care as well as patient outcomes dictate payment. Find out how physicians can prepare for a value-based payment system.
  3. Group Visits: Improve Access, Patient Satisfaction, and Revenue: It’s not a time-travel fantasy or a pipe dream. There is a way patients can leave your practice feeling like they got extra attention without your providers spending any more time with them. It’s possible through the magic of a group visit program. Here's how it works.
  4. 10 Small Practice Topics in the OIG 2015 Work Plan: The annual Office of Inspector General (OIG) Work Plan is a goldmine of information pertaining to provider compliance challenges. Here are some highlights that pertain to physician practices, including insight into what specific issues the OIG may be targeting.
  5. 5 EHR Benefits We Seem to Have Forgotten About:  Now that the government stimulus program has matured, it is worth taking a minute to look at some of the non-government benefits an EHR provides a practice. When you look through these benefits you’re going to tell yourself “These benefits are all so obvious!” In fact, that’s exactly the point of this post. We often take these for granted but they are valuable.
  6. Experts Provide Their Top Tips to Increase Patient Visits: Want to be successful and competitive as an independent medical practice? Then you need to fill that appointment schedule. Five practice management experts offer their top tips to help do just that.
  7. Infographic on the State of Patient Collections: It’s hard to see much beyond ICD-10 right now, but we all know there is more to getting paid than coding. And patient collections is a growing concern for many practices as patient out of pocket increases. The days of writing off patient balances are over. This infographic provides an overview of the current state of patient collections and how you can do a better job of collecting what you are owed.
  8. Membership Medicine Is on the Rise in the Post-ACA Environment: Today’s physicians face many challenges: The costly transition to ICD-10, the complex attestation process for Meaningful Use, the adoption of e-prescribing and portal technologies, the challenges of collecting from patients with high-deductible insurance plans, the barriers of costly overhead, and more. Enter the world of private pay or membership medicine also referred to as concierge and direct primary care.
  9. 6 Tips to Reduce Productivity Loss with ICD-10: It’s a fact: ICD-10 could have a big drain on physician practice productivity. The big unknown is just how much productivity loss will occur. The good news is that practices can mitigate productivity loss related to ICD-10 and ward off these emergencies in a variety of ways.
  10. The Rules Have Changed for Meaningful Use 2015 - 2017: On October 6, 2015 CMS released the long awaited Meaningful Use final rules for 2015 through 2017. Along with releasing the final rules for 2015 through 2017 they also released the Stage 3 (with a comment period) rules and the certification requirements for the 2015 Edition. Now that the rules have been released it’s time to start figuring out what has really changed.
  11. 20 Top Medical Practice Facebook Pages: Kareo combed through hundreds of medical practice Facebook pages looking for great examples of practices that are really engaging patients on social media. Here is the list of Kareo’s top 20 best medical practice Facebook pages for 2015.
  12. 3 Steps to Continue to Manage ICD-10: Although many experts in the healthcare industry predicted that chaos would occur once we flipped the switch to ICD-10 on October 1, just the opposite seems to be true. But we are still in the early days. Where could potential ICD-10 payment problems and/or denials still occur once payers adjudicate more claims?
  13. 9 Changes Coming to Medical Billing in 2016: This fall brought a bevy of changes to physician reimbursement. Elizabeth Woodcock reviews some of hte top changes that will impact physician practices in 2016.

If you enjoyed these posts be sure to stay tuned for new posts from Go Practice. With great tip, tricks, and resources you can make it a great New Year for your practice.


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