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Kareo's intuitive, cloud-based platform puts billing companies in control of their business and offers more value to the practices that they serve. Over 1600 billing companies trust Kareo to help them run a more successful billing company and we can help you too.

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Our award-winning platform and services help you attract, manage, and retain clients.

Designed for billers. Trusted by billing companies.

We've helped over 1600 billing companies find a better solution. We can help you too!

  • Features

    • End-to-End Billing Platform
    • Easy and Accurate Charge Capture
    • A/R Management
    • Insurance Eligibility
    • Billing Analytics
    • Code Scrubbing


    • Credit Card Processing
    • Patient Statements
    • Flexible Contract Options


    • Dedicated Customer Success Coach (CSC)
    • Flexible Support Options
    • Flexible Online Training
    • Assisted Payer Enrollments

    Optional Add-Ons

    • Advanced Reporting and Insights
    • Boost Your Business with Co-Branding
    • Patient Payment Feature
    • Patient Statements
    • Assisted Data Imports
    Frequently Asked questions

    Are prices per–practice, per–provider, or per–user?


    Kareo has various term options available based on the pricing model that works best for you. Speak with one of our Solutions Consultants to learn more. In addition, we have onboarding solutions that include free access to a Customer Success Coach (CSC) and training through Kareo University. Personalized training options are also available.

    Are there any setup fees or long-term contracts?


    Kareo has various term options available based on the pricing model that works best for you. Speak with one of our Solutions Consultants to learn more.
    In addition, we have onboarding solutions that include free access to a Customer Success Coach (CSC) and training through Kareo University. Personalized training options are also available.

    How long does it take to setup my account?


    Once you sign up with Kareo, a dedicated CSC will contact you within 24 hours to welcome you and assist with account set up. Your CSC will help coordinate your entire onboarding timeline, which includes initial account setup, enrollments, claims processing, and ERA receipt. Additionally, our Kareo Training Specialists will help guide you through available e-learning options.

    We are committed to your success and expect to have your account fully implemented within 90 days of your account being setup. To learn more about the onboarding process, visit our help page to learn more about the steps needed to get started.

    How soon can I begin sending electronic claims?


    You can begin sending electronic claims to all commercial insurance companies, such as Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and many others, within 48 hours of signing up for Kareo. A few payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, may require authorization of an enrollment form before you can submit electronic claims. Once these payers process your enrollment form, typically within 5-30 days, you can then send electronic claims to these payers through Kareo.

    Can I use Kareo to submit electronic claims to all insurance companies?


    You can submit electronic claims to more than 4,000 insurers through Kareo. We support Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Tricare in every state. We also support major national insurers, such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Healthcare, as well as local IPAs and smaller insurers.

    Does Kareo help import my data?


    Kareo has support options available to assist in importing data into the Kareo platform. Pricing for data imports begins at $250, with the total cost being determined by the data sets requested and the size of your data project.

    How will Kareo bill my account?


    Subscription fees are billed a month in advance of service, except for the first month when you are billed a prorated fee based on the number of days you had access to Kareo on the following month’s invoice. We accept payment by direct debit to your checking account or by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Payments are due on the tenth day of each month.

    Where can I review your agreement and pricing details?


    We want to make it easy to use Kareo. For more details, review our Customer Subscription Agreement. Then, be sure to review our Pricing Policy, Customer Support Policy and Privacy Policy as well.

    Do I need to set up an account with a clearinghouse? Are there additional fees?


    Kareo has a dedicated Enrollments team that will assist you in clearinghouse enrollment at no additional cost.

    When is your support team available?


    Kareo Support can be reached Monday through Friday, between 8am ET/5am PT and 8pm ET/5pm PT, excluding national holidays.

    Help center articles are available on Kareo’s support site or you can reach out directly to the Kareo Support Team via chat, email, or phone.

    Can I process credit card payments from patients using Kareo?


    Yes, we offer you and your providers the flexibility to accept credit cards in person, online, over the phone, or through patient credit cards on file. It’s simple and affordable to set up an account and start processing credit cards in Kareo and can be used with or without a card swiper. The payments are processed through a merchant account, deposited directly into your bank account, and posted to Kareo. There are no set up or monthly fees, no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. It allows you to accept all forms of card types, including FSA, HSA, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The rate per transaction is 2.75% + $0.30.

    Which insurance paper and electronic claim formats are supported by Kareo?


    We currently support professional claim formats, used for provider charges, using the CMS 1500 paper claim format and ANSI 837p electronic claim format. We also support institutional claim formats, both UB-04 and 837I, for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC), Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF), and Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (ORF).

    What are the system requirements for Kareo?


    Windows 7 or newer version of Windows is required to run the Kareo Billing desktop application. Visit the Kareo help page to get up-to-date system requirement information.

    Can I run Kareo on a Mac?


    The Kareo web application runs in a web browser and may be accessed on any PC or Mac computer. As a billing company, you will also need to run the Kareo Billing desktop application, which is Windows-based. Mac users can seamlessly run Windows applications on their system by acquiring a compatibility program and Windows license. Visit Kareo’s help page to learn more about program options.

    How do you handle security and backups?


    Your data is securely encrypted, stored, and backed up in the cloud. All your data being sent to and downloaded from our servers is protected with industry-standard encryption. Kareo is compliant with all HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. For more information about security, please read our Security Notice.

    If for some reason, I would like to discontinue my subscription, can I export my data?


    Yes. If you are not completely satisfied, you can export your data at any time at no additional charge. You can save a copy of your data to your local computer in standard file formats, such as Comma–Separated Value (.CSV) or Microsoft Excel (.XLS). This provides you with the flexibility to store a backup copy of your data on your own computer or take your data with you if you ever decide to cancel your subscription to Kareo.

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