ENGAGE Online Scheduling

Modernize Your Patient Experience while Reducing Staff Administrative Burdens.

Online Scheduling

Your patients know the drill of booking an appointment over the phone. It can oftentimes feel frustrating when their provider leaves them on hold, waiting for someone to get back to them so they can be told what available times fit their schedule. With busier schedules than ever and the extra cost for health care services these days, patients are starting to gravitate toward practices that make it easier for them to schedule appointments. Streamlining this process for your practice will save time for your patients as well as your staff.

Kareo’s Online Scheduling allow patients to search for a care provider, by location for their appointments within any specialty. Within the Engage module, Practices can enable provider-based scheduling, which is great for primary care, mental health and many other specialties.

Flexible and Specific to Your Practice
Kareo Online Scheduling works for practices of any size. Whether you are a single provider or are a front office manager trying to juggle the schedules of multiple providers throughout multiple locations, Online Scheduling will streamline your appointment booking efforts. You’ll get a unique URL specific to your practice that can be utilized via SMS, email or added to your website. Alongside Kareo practice marketing features, Online Scheduling can actually increase a practice’s overall patient volume by collecting more clients that are actively searching for a practitioner online. In fact, almost half of respondents in a recent survey said they prefer to find a healthcare practitioner that offers online booking.

It's easy for your patients to view, select and confirm their appointment online.

Deliver a Modern Experience to Your Patients
Medical practices that offer Online Scheduling typically see a reduction in staff labor, patient wait times, and no-shows, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Your patients will love the convenience and modern experience of booking appointments online and your staff will appreciate spending less time on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Drive Efficiency within Your Practice
With it taking on average eight minutes to schedule an individual appointment, time adds up quickly and many offices spend too much valuable time throughout the day scheduling appointments. Implementing a real-time online digital scheduling tool, where patients can schedule their own appointments, will help cut back significantly on phone time wasted scheduling and rescheduling appointments.

Remove the time-consuming task of booking your client’s appointments manually with Kareo Online Scheduling. Your clients will be impressed with the modern experience you provide them from the start, which automatically gives your practice a boost in overall care delivery and patient satisfaction. You’ll see a reduction in no-shows and your open time slots will fill up, allowing your practice to collect even more revenues.

After patients schedule their appointments online, you'll see their visit on your dashboard.


Unique URL Designated to Practices
Once you initiate the Online Scheduling feature, you’ll create a unique URL for your practice that allows you to be anywhere your patients are booking. You can add that unique booking URL on your practice’s website for new patients or send out through practice communications via SMS or email. With either option, your clients have easier access to book your services, enabling higher revenue collection.

Specific Available Appointment Windows Can Be Set
Because everything is customizable, you’re in charge of your office hours and setting up your available appointment windows. You can leverage your office hours for booking, and even schedule open blocks of time so you have appropriate buffers in between visits.

Built for Your Savvy Patients
Because your patients are likely busy and always on-the-go, they want a provider that can keep up with them. They’ll quickly be able to access your booking URL and easily select an appointment time that works for their schedule, along with their desired location and provider from the drop-down menus. Your practice will be able to deliver a simple and convenient experience for your clients!

HIPAA Compliant and Secure
Kareo engages external certified bodies and independent auditors to ensure that the Kareo environment meets or exceeds applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Simple Integration into Patient Record within Kareo
Once patients complete an appointment request, and is accepted by the front office staff, the Kareo platform will automatically create a chart for the patient with applicable details within the system. At this point, front office staff can send electronic intake forms when accepting the appointment request, which is also included within the patient’s chart once they are completed. By allowing your patients to book their appointments and complete their intake information from the comfort of their own home, you are giving them a preview of your practice – letting them know how efficient and thorough it is even before they step foot inside your doors! The is an important first step to providing an overall positive experience for your patient.

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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