KAREO BILLING Claims Submission and Management

Get Paid Faster with Electronic Insurance Claim Submissions

Claims Submission and Management

Submitting claims can seem like sending your most critical pieces of information down a black hole, with lost paper trails and lack of status awareness. Kareo electronic claim submissions change that by eliminating the manual labor of paper-based claims processing and helping you get paid faster. Once you’ve completed Kareo’s assisted insurance enrollment , you can submit your claims electronically and follow a transparent, digital trail to see the status.

Billers can send electronic claims to more than 8,000 government payers and commercial insurance companies, print paper claims when necessary, and receive claim processing reports with status updates. Using the powerful combination of Kareo Billing with our tightly integrated electronic claim submission process, you'll get paid faster from insurance companies and avoid costly delays and disruptions to your cash flow.

Your claim statuses can be tracked visually.

Quickly find your claims by specific status.

Kareo provides a digital trail of electronic claims submission for peace of mind.

Submit Primary and Secondary Claims Directly
After entering charges and checking claims against payer reimbursement rules, you can immediately send primary and secondary electronic claims in the industry-standard ANSI 837P format directly from Kareo to government payers and commercial insurance companies nationwide without needing a personal account with third-party medical clearinghouses. Kareo provides access to the clearinghouse services needed to submit electronic claims directly.

Quickly View Your Claims in One Screen
Get an immediate snapshot of all items that require attention, rebilling efforts, and accomplished tasks. Kareo provides complete status perspective, including:

  1. Ready to Print Paper Claims (when not sending electronically)
  2. Ready to Submit Electronic Claims
  3. Pending Insurance
  4. Rejections
  5. Denials
  6. No Response Claims (based on a set number of days)
  7. Ready for Patient Statement
  8. Pending Patient Payment
  9. Completed

Electronic Workers Compensation Claims with Attachments
Send electronic workers compensation claim forms with up to 10 pages of attachments through our clearinghouse partner . You can customize provider and group numbers that appear on forms with the push of a button within our settings.

Validations that Give you Peace of Mind
Kareo provides multiple levels of reporting as your electronic claims make their way through the submission and adjudication process. Once submitted, Kareo will complete a review of your claims and return validation reports to highlight claims with missing information, such as missing provider or group numbers, missing patient information, or incorrect policy numbers. Once they pass internal validation, we forward your claims through one of several clearinghouse partners who also review your claims and return daily reports that highlight claims that have been rejected for various payer-specific reasons. Once your claims are delivered to payers, the payer may respond with reports highlighting claims that have been denied for various reasons prior to the adjudication process. You get transparency from start to finish for greater peace of mind.

Easily Track and Respond to Rejections & Denials
Kareo Billing automatically posts and tracks information about rejections and denials that have been reported back to you on electronic claim processing and electronic remittance advice reports from insurance companies. You can use rejection and denial management reports in your collections management process to efficiently resolve rejections and denials by gathering missing information, correcting data entry errors, and resubmitting electronic claims within each payers' filing deadlines.

Using electronic claim submission with Kareo is easy. We offer step-by-step assistance for set up, as well as ongoing best practice guidance to give you greater confidence. In the end, it will save you considerable time and effort tracking, correcting, and resubmitting rejected, denied, or no-response claims. With Kareo, you can ensure your claims get processed and paid as quickly as possible.

Kareo offers electronic claim processing features that improve cash flow and save time:

  • Claim status tracking window allows quick identification of key to-do items
  • Instantly send primary and secondary claims to more than 8,000 payers
  • Multiple levels of reporting
  • Support for high speed printing of paper insurance claims
  • Assistance with enrollment of electronic insurance services

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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