KAREO BILLING Charge Capture and Encounter Review

Improve Your Productivity While Capturing All Charges

Charge Capture and Encounter Review

Kareo makes entering charges quick and easy. You can easily add procedure codes from saved code favorites list or search for new codes. Plus, you can add modifiers to optimize workflows.

As part of Kareo Platform, the charges window within the Billing workflow allows system administrators to view and track charges generated within a medical practice. Any Kareo user can enter a new charge capture from the Calendar view.

Say goodbye to routine, mundane data entry and hello to improved productivity with the ability to electronically enter new charges with Kareo. Kareo Billing Encounter Review makes it easy to see all entries, and you can quickly set up fee schedules, enter charges, check codes against payer reimbursement rules, and track every encounter, including missed encounters all the way through electronic insurance claim submission. By streamlining redundant data entry, you can refocus your time on higher impact activities.

For just self pay practices, you can also capture a simpler charge while collecting the patient payment.

Gain Peace of Mind with Fee Schedules
Kareo helps you manage your fee-for-service billing by setting up standard fee schedules or insurance-specific contracts. Simply enter the standard fee for each procedure code along with the contractual allowed amount for insurance-specific contracts. As you are entering charges, Kareo will automatically determine the fee based on the information that is part of your contract and fee schedule.

Easily Enter Charges and Codes
Capture charges using mobile devices, scanned documents, or streamlined data entry. You’ll capture the encounter details and quickly transfers patient, insurance, provider, and date information from appointments. Use procedure macros, or exploding procedure codes, to quickly enter a collection of procedure and diagnosis codes for common patient visits. Set up billing defaults, such as providers and service location, eliminate repetitive data entry and save time. And identify any visits with missing charges using missed encounter reports.

Electronically Scrub Claims and Check Codes
Kareo Billing helps you stay ahead of ever-changing coding standards and insurance reimbursement rules with powerful claim scrubbing technology that minimize claim denials and rejections. You can perform a real-time code check integrated with your charge entry process, including CCI edit, ICD-10 code, CPT®/HCPCS code and modifier validation. You can also access a comprehensive knowledge-base of coding, compliance, and reimbursement rules, including federal register, Medicare bulletins, local coverage decisions, and other payer-specific reimbursement rules.

Never Miss a Copay
Whether your front-office users capture copays upon checkout, or your billers enter copays with encounters, you can post copays, automatically apply copays to charges, and track and bill for missed copays concurrently with the insurance billing process.

Handle Special Scenarios
Kareo Billing also provides support for special scenarios, such as anesthesia billing, ambulance billing, workers compensation, and more.

Kareo makes billing efficient with a simple to use electronic process. Enable a flexible workflow that best fits your offices needs to capture a charge. And never miss a payment or charge with comprehensive reporting.

Streamline charge capture with comprehensive capabilities:

  • Set up standard fee schedule and insurance specific contracts
  • Capture charges using mobile devices, scanned documents, or basic data entry
  • Display a searchable list of all procedure codes and diagnosis codes
  • Utilize procedure macros for procedure and diagnosis codes
  • Customize data entry fields
  • Completely avoid paper encounter forms and manual entry mistakes
  • Check your claim against payer rules database with our payer requirements scrub

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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