KAREO BILLING Procedure Macros

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Procedure Macros

Kareo has always been dedicated to helping billers and practices reduce the amount of time they spend combing through piles of paper and data and clicking through procedure line items. That’s why we developed procedure macros. These are special codes billers can create to load common procedures, modifiers, and diagnosis codes into procedure line items. Since many patient visits are nearly identical, procedure macros offer a convenient shortcut that will dramatically save you time when entering procedures performed during an encounter.

Creating a new procedure macros can easily be customized to meet your needs - make as many as you need and use across multiple encounters.

Procedure macros are loaded and ready for use immediately after creation.

Kareo makes it easy to automate your payments process:

  • Customized to your needs – make as many as you need and use them across multiple encounters
  • Easily create new procedure macros directly within the Billing tool. Just include basic information such as name, doctor, and description of the macro, along with applicable procedure, modifier, and diagnosis codes
  • Effortlessly find, edit, and delete existing procedure macros to keep them relevant to your work and practices

The combined power of Kareo and PatientPop

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